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6 Ways Honeybook Creates Efficiency In Your Business

In my business, I prioritize efficiency and easy-to-use systems that not only I can use but my clients can use as well. It's about working smarter, not harder so that you can truly love and enjoy what you do while maintaining a work-life balance. By utilizing tools that create stability within my business I can streamline processes, enhance client experiences, and save time, and money for myself and my clients.

Honeybook is my go-to system and one I believe is worth every bit of the price when looking for easy ways to manage your business. Let's take a look at my top six reasons why Honeybook is my go-to to get things done within my business:

  1. Convenient scheduling

  2. Google Meet and Zoom meetings

  3. Creating guides and templates for clients

  4. Easy automation

  5. Financial reports

  6. Lead capture forms


With the Scheduler feature you can set your available dates and time, and let your clients choose what time works best for them. It’s just that easy. You even have the capability of syncing your scheduling system to your Google calendar, allowing you to match your availability with your calendar.


In addition to being able to schedule appointments and sync calendars, you can create a link for clients to sign up to meet with you and have the option to meet via Google Meet or Zoom if they do not want to meet over the phone. This eliminates the need for third-party subscriptions such as Calendly. It’s as easy as setting your availability, and sending your client a link to sign up for a time, and Honeybook will create the Zoom/Google Meet meeting link and send all necessary reminders leading up to your session. This is an amazing feature that cuts down on subscription costs!


As a virtual assistant and consultant, I often get asked if I can create guides and templates for others to use in their businesses. I’ve been asked to create PDFs, websites, and even prints. PDFs are great because you can create an easy shareable link for downloading or embedding into your platforms, emails, etc., however updating them can be a bit of a fuss. Having PDFs means that you have to constantly update them so that you are giving out current information. So why use PDFs when you can use Honeybook smart files? Honeybook enables you to create smart files such as guides, lead generation forms, pricing guides, etc. What this means is that once a smart file is created you can send the interactive file directly to the client in as little as one to two clicks or even embed it into your files, emails, and website.


So I mentioned lead capture forms right!? Honeybook has two features that allow you to create lead forms for selling digital products, services, invoices, or anything you can think of. You can also create contact form templates for emails, inquiry forms, and satisfaction surveys. Any form you need Honeybook can create it. Utilizing these forms was the best thing for my business by saving time on emails going out and providing seamless communication with clients.


I keep mentioning this ability to embed. Through Honeybook you can seamlessly embed forms directly on your website, and when individuals inquire or utilize your forms, their information is instantly imported into your Honeybook pipeline. Here comes the beauty of automation - automation becomes second nature to you and your right hand in business. You can automate tasks like sending emails, scheduling sessions, and appointments, and delivering products, all without reinventing the wheel or doing any heavy lifting. Honeybook can automate anything you can think of.  Check it out here to see all the incredible automation features!


Wouldn’t it be great to run everything for your business in one spot? I’m talking about your emails, communications, tracking time, and managing your finances all from one hub. With Honeybook you can not only send out invoices but accept payments. Honeybook also provides the chance to monitor your profit and loss reports as well as expense reports. All of this comes in handy when you are looking to do quarterly, mid-year, or end-of-year reports. When it is tax season, you can print your numbers all in one report.

I hope this post provides valuable insights into how Honeybook can elevate your business and provide the efficiency you need. I’ve used Honeybook for the past four years, and it has truly revolutionized my workflow and how I run my business. If you’re intrigued and want to experience Honeybook for yourself, use this link (I Want To Try Honeybook Now) to start your FREE trial today, and enjoy an amazing 50% discount (equivalent to a $200 value). Don’t miss out on this incredible opportunity to simplify your business and create the balance you need!

So if you're thinking about using Honeybook, follow my page for more great tips on how you can be successful with it, tools that are useful, and my insight as I continue to share my journey using Honeybook!

Olivia Jade Kelly

Visions of Jade, LLC


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