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Getting your credit right should be your #1 priority. DON'T let the fear of not knowing how stop you from learning and getting the score you WANT and DESERVE!

Do you have inquiries that need to be removed....BUY THIS!
Do you have old addresses on your report....BUY THIS!

Did you try buying a home or car and was not approved....BUY THIS!
Any loans you paid off and still lingering....BUY THIS


This guide is here to help you with the above and so much more!  Lets start your credit repair journey TODAY!!!!



- Information on how to obtain your free credit report

- How to directly contact the Credit Bureaus

- A step by step guide on how to eliminate items off your report

- 19 Letters to send to the Credit Bureau's and collection agency

Visions of Jade: DIY Credit Repair

  • All sales on E-books are final with no refund as this item cannot be returned.  Any resale of this product is strictly prohibited.  This E-book is not to be redistributed.

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