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My Top Favorite Reasons To Be A Virtual Assistant

Updated: Jul 8

Curling up on the couch with my favorite cup of tea or coffee while I watch a movie and work on my laptop in the comfort of my home has become one of my favorite things to do. With all my comfortable necessities by my side, I can focus, be creative, and do my best work.

If you have been watching my journey as a VA or considering being one yourself then you might be interested in some of my favorite reasons to be a VA. I’ve been a VA since 2019, so allow me to share some of what I’ve learned, and what has been my favorite part about being a VA and having a VA business. The reasons provided are not listed in any particular order.


#1: Meeting New People

Who doesn’t love meeting new people!? Part of being an entrepreneur and having a VA business means that you have to promote yourself, your business, and your skills, and that includes networking to meet new people. As a VA, you meet so many different people from various career fields and the community; all with exciting backgrounds, stories, and insights. The best part of meeting all of these people is that you get to learn something new from all of them and make a few friends along the way.

#2: I Work From Anywhere

Being a VA, I can work from anywhere; this is one of my favorite reasons. When you’re a VA you don’t have to commute to an office, you have the freedom to work from home (an introvert's favorite place), a coffee shop, a wine shop, a park, while traveling, anywhere. It’s the perfect job for those who do not like to be confined or like to switch up their scenery.

#3: Freedom

Part of my reasons for being a VA was that I craved the freedom to express myself creatively. Being a VA allows the freedom to:

  • Make my schedule - I can work, take breaks, schedule personal appointments, take a vacation, etc. when I want to.

  • Work wherever - Although I prefer to work from the privacy of my home, I have the option to work while traveling, at a coffee shop, or anywhere I choose.

  • Start and end my day wherever - I can start work when I want and end as late as I want. Instead of rushing through my mornings, I can relax, work out, grab breakfast, and leisurely drink my coffee and not have to worry about being late for anything. Or if I have day events or work, I can choose to start my VA business in the evening.

  • Balance - Because I have the freedom to choose my schedule and days off I can establish a work-life balance that aligns with me.

#4: Extra Income

Having a VA business has allowed me to fund trips, and nights out, go on all the adventures I enjoy, and even take care of personal matters (after handling business needs) without having to tap into the income from my full-time job. That in itself is a blessing.

#5: I Set My Rates

Know your worth and what you bring to the table. Before having my business, I would help people with their business projects just because they needed help. What I found was people did not understand the time and work that went into the projects they asked for help on. I also found that people were willing to underpay if they believed you did not know the value of your work. Establishing my VA business, I now have control over how much I charge and when I raise my rates.

#6: I Choose Who I Work With

Not everyone is meant to be your client. I repeat, NOT everyone is meant to be your client. You have to know who and what aligns with your desires and purpose for your business. And truth be told, being a VA does not mean you can solve every business owner's problem. 

Before I began taking on any clients, I got clear and purposeful about who I wanted to work with, who I wanted my business to be associated with, and what I wanted the goal of my business to be for every client I worked with. Not only did this help me determine if a prospective client was a good fit or not (someone I wanted to work with or not), but it also gave me an idea of where to find my ideal clients.

#7: I Do Work That I Enjoy

Being a VA allows my creativity to flow. I can start new projects, create new services, and discontinue others when I feel that they no longer align with myself or my business.

#8: Minimal costs to start a VA business

When I first started my VA and consulting business, all I needed was my laptop, Google Drive, and my Canva account. As I continued to grow my business, I invested in courses to learn new skills, invested in a good CRM system (Honeybook) and decided to return to school for a Master of Science in Communication.

So if you’re thinking about becoming a VA follow my page and subscribe for more great tips on how you can be successful and my insight as I continue to share my journey as a VA!

Olivia Jade Kelly

Visions of Jade, LLC


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